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Our PetsSince time immemorial, a lot of respect has been accorded to the animal-human bond. Many cultures and people have regarded animals as essential to human survival, health and sense of being. The term pet is derived form the french word "petit" which means "small" or "little". It is used as the affectionate term for animals that have been domesticated or tamed as companions and are cared for affectionately. However professionally they are referred to as "companion animals". Most people who own pets regard them as friends and or family members. Among the vast majority of pets in the world dogs and cats are the most common and most preferred. In this article we are going to look at how and why pets are important to humans.

What Would Our Lives Be Without Pets?

To quote Rogers Karas’ words, “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole”.

The human-animal bond that we share with our animal companions shapes our character and well-being as humans. Without pets the bond would not exist and we would miss an essential bridge between our human world and the animal world. The unconditional love, the affection, the endless loyalty would not exist, thus creating a gaping void in the human essence.

That is to say the human-animal bond makes us whole.

Human Animal Bond

Learn about the strong bond between animals and humans. There has been a bond between man and animals for thousands of years. However, the animal - human bond has progressed over the centuries to what it is today.

Service -Therapy Animals

Animals, especially pet dogs, have been the backbone in providing vital support as service dogs to physically challenged and mentally impaired. Therapy animals are used to provide a way for people to interact with an animal.

Wartime Animals

Since man walked this earth, animals have been a part of many wars. Millions of animals have given their lives in the service of their masters and countries. As humans in a free country, we owe our present lifestyle and freedoms to all the animals who made the ultimate sacrifice for us.

Blessing the Animals

God created all creatures so why shouldn't they be blessed. St Francis of Assisi is the Saint of all animals. A yearly blessing of the animals is very common among religions. At the Blessing of the Animals many pet owners take their beloved pets, their loyal companions to the church and get them blessed in the eyes of the Lord. This is a great way to celebrate and sanctify the sacred bond that exists between man and animal.

Search and Rescue Animals

Dogs have been the backbone for search and rescue missions for many years. These dogs are special and amazing. You might say that they are definitely "man's best friends". Numerous lives have been saved by these dogs and they don't ask for anything in return, except maybe just a little loving.

Pay It Back...Many Need Your Help

Adopting the cute cuddly kitten or puppy is easy. However, there are a lot of good pets needing a loving home and just because they are older, they are passed by. Abandoned or maybe their owners didn't plan for their care after passing away. Many of these animals are gentle and well trained and would make great pets. Just think about it, if you are considering adopting a pet.

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